Bringing gospel renewal to South Carolina through church planting and revitalization.


Please select resources from:
Carolina Greenhouse of the Midlands or Carolina Greenhouse of the Upstate

From Carolina Greenhouse of the Midlands:

Deep South, Deep Change
Casey Williams (download)  You can download the presentation here.


Preaching the Whole Gospel for the Whole City –
Ant Frederick (download)  You can download the handout here.


Kingdom Prayer –
Kevin Thumpston (download)  You can download the handout here.


Churches Planting Churches –
Allen Tipping (download)


Things I Wish I Had Known Before Planting –
Bryan Robbins (download)


Modeling Healthy Discipleship –
James Walden (download)


Race, The Church, & The Gospel – Part 2 – Antony ‘Ant’ Frederick (download talk, Q&A,and PDF Handout)

Audio Only:

The Talk:

The Q & A:


Emotionally Healthy Leadership – 
Elliot Grudem (download)


Spiritual Vitality: An Enduring Life of Ministry With Jesus – Brian Lowe (download)


Raising Laborers for the Harvest – Allen Tipping (download)


The Planter-Pastor as Evangelist – Ernie Banks (download)


Theology of Planning: The Pastor-Planter as Strategist – James Walden (download)


International Church Planting Partnerships –Greg Wilson, Redeemer Church,  Manchester, UK (download)


Race, The Church, and The Gospel – Antony “Ant” Frederick (download)


Marriage and Ministry: Hearing the voice of God and wife – Brian Lowe & Stacy Walden (download)


Grassroots Gospel Conference:

Brian Lowe: Vision for Acts 29 in the Carolinas (download)

Donnie Griggs: Why to Plant Churches…in Small Towns? (download)

Jerome Gay: Race and Gospel in the South (download)

Sammy Rhodes: Growing Up in the Christian South (download)

Bill Stanfield: Serving Impoverished Communities in the South (download)

Melody and Jeremy Carr: Marriage & Planting (download)

Tyler Jones: How (and Why) to Preach the Gospel in the South (download)

download Tyler’s slide notes

Question and Answer Session: Digging Deeper (download)


Gospel Renewal: Revitalization – Brandon Sandifer (download)


Cultivating a Gospel Centered Culture – Chris Divietro (download)


Discipleship in the Arts: what about the music? – Greg Willson (download)


Children’s Ministry – Erica Kimrey (download)


Preaching the Gospel to “Insiders”: Evangelism in the South – James Walden (download)



From Carolina Greenhouse of the Upstate:

Spiritual Vitality & Prayer – Bryan Robbins (download)


Emotional Health – Brian Lowe (download)