Bringing gospel renewal to South Carolina through church planting and revitalization.

Acts29 SE Church Planting Development School


The Acts29 Southeast Church Planting Development School (A29SE CPDS) is designed for men with an affinity with Acts29 whose interest in planting a church is based on an internal call and/or external encouragement. The A29SE CPDS is for men who think that the Lord may be calling them to plant a church and/or for men who frequently hear from mature church leaders that they should consider planting a church. (The A29SE CPDS is not designed for Church Planters who are already approved to plant or for Church Planters who are already on the ground in the context of their call. The Acts29 Southeast Church Planter Cohort is better suited for such candidates.)



The A29SE CPDS will be a strategic partnership between the Acts29 SE Network, the Host Church and other like-minded Churches within driving distance of the Host Church. In 2019, Riverside Community Church (Columbia, SC) will serve as a Host Church. Participants will be members of and servant leaders within like-minded churches in the area.  Participants will gather at the Host Church for 5 Intensives in the Spring and Fall of 2019 (see below for more information). It is our prayer and hope that the A29SE CPDS Participants will grow in Gospel Character – grow in their understanding of and passion for Church Planting – and gain clarity on the particular call of God upon their lives. We believe that these benefits will come about through an intentional life on life relationship with the Elder(s) of their church, through the peer-to-peer relationships established with other Participants, and through the relational training being provided by seasoned leaders of church planting churches.

The “fee” is $500 for participants who are members of Acts29 churches and $750 for participants who are members of non-Acts29churches.

While participants will cover the cost of getting to the Host Church, all food and housing expenses while at the Host Church are covered in the fee.



The A29SECPDS will meet for Five Intensives in 2019. Among other things, Participants will be trained in these “Sequential Ingredients” for effective Church Planting: Kingdom Prayer, Ongoing Renewal, Discipleship Framework, Gospel Communities, Network Evangelism, Mercy & Justice, Contextualized Worship, Gospel-Centered Preaching, Members & Money, Elders & Shepherding. Participants may have reading assignments prior to each Intensive and will always have assignments, after each Intensive, to process with the elder(s) of their church who are overseeing them.

The Intensives for the A29SE CPDS at Riverside Community Church (Columbia, SC) will be from 3:00 PM Sunday to 1:00 PM Monday on the following dates: February 10-11, March 24-25, and May 19-20, September 15-16, and October 13-14.


Participants of the A29SE CPDS

  • Must have the evidence of Evangelistic and Discipleship fruit in their story and recent past
  • Must be a member in good standing and a servant leader at a Gospel-Centered, Missional-Minded Church
  • Must have the endorsement of the Elder Team at their home church as a “potential planter”
  • Must be under the direct oversight of the Elder Team, particularly in regards to growth in Gospel Character
  • Must at least have a “View” of the Elder Team and their Ministry (in the “View, Voice, Vote” Paradigm)
  • Must live within a 3 hour drive of the Host Church
  • Must have a job (inside or outside the church) that allows them to attend all Five Intensives



The Application Process for the A29SE CPDS includes a portion for the APPLICANT and a portion for a REPRESENTATIVE of the Elder Team of the applicant’s church. Please email your application (providing the information requested below) to Ted will provide coordination between the APPLICANT, the ELDER REPRESENTATIVE and the applicable Host Church. As always, if you have questions, please reach out for clarification.


Please provide the following information via email:

  1. Full Name (and nickname as applicable)
  2. Cell Number
  3. Preferred Email Address
  4. Names of Immediate Family as applicable (wife, children, etc.)
  5. Physical Address (and mailing address if different)
  6. Current Employment
  7. Church Name, website and physical address
  8. Elder Representative (name and email) who we should expect an email from (see below)
  9. Will you be able to attend all five intensives and not excessively injure your family or employer?
  10. In your current financial situation, will you be able to afford the “fee”?
  11. In ten sentences or less, please bear witness to your personal experience of the Gospel.
  12. In five sentences or less, please tell us of a time in the past where God used you to convert someone.
  13. In five sentences or less, please give us a brief description of the people you’re serving/leading now.
  14. In five sentences or less, please tell us who is personally mentoring you now…and what that looks like.
  15. Please tell us your favorite authors and the names of the last 3 books you read.
  16. Do you enjoy listening to sermons in addition to those at your church? If so, explain who and why.
  17. In five sentences or less, please tell us why you’re investigating the potential of planting a Church.



Please provide the following confidential information via email:

  1. Name
  2. Cell Number
  3. Preferred Email
  4. How well do you know this applicant?
  5. Do you believe that God might be calling this applicant to plant a church? Please briefly explain.
  6. Have you seen this applicant grow in the Gospel and in Gospel Ministry? Please briefly explain.
  7. Will you, or someone on the Elder Team, mentor this applicant as they attend the A29SE CPDS?
  8. Will this applicant have at least a “View” of the Elder Team’s Ministry (“View, Voice, Vote” paradigm)?
  9. Do you have any hesitations about this applicant attending the A29SE CPDS?